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    Post by Lupa on Sun Dec 31, 2017 6:50 pm

    Site Rules

    Main Rules

    1. DO NOT give out your password or personal information.

    2. This is a BULLY FREE ZONE. This means harassing, unwelcome teasing and jokes and any form of racism, discrimination or sexism is not tolerated. Respect people.

    3. There will be no curse words. (e.g. Fuck, shit, bitch, ass, whore, etc.)

    4. You must listen to the direction of the Admin Team (this includes moderators).

    5. If there is an issue, please talk to a moderator first. If they cannot resolve the problem, or your problem is with them, then you may come to the admins.

    6. If you see someone breaking the rules, you are obligated to report it to the Admin Team.

    7. No double accounts. You have way more than enough characters. More on this in the roleplay rules.

    8. Please keep all disagreements private. This means PMs, not the chat box or the chat topic.

    9. Triggering posts will be removed. I will not tolerate this.

    10. There will be no unnecessary drama. I know this is a school setting but unnecessary drama takes away the fun of roleplaying.

    11. Let's have fun.

    Roleplay Rules

    1. You MUST make a character application before roleplaying.

    2. You are allowed to have up to TEN original characters and FOUR canon characters. (e.g. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, etc.) Only Admins may play teachers whether canon or original.

    3. Please keep all roleplay fights IN THE ROLEPLAY. We don't need rivalries among our members and staff.

    4. If your character is not accepted and the Mod or Admin has given you a list of things to change, please just change them and do not make a fuss over it.

    5. No God-modding or Gary/Mary-Stu's.

    6. Try not to double post unless the topic hasn't been replied to for a while.

    7. Characters cannot be younger than ELEVEN years of age to attend Hogwarts. They then stay until they are EIGHTEEN and no older.

    8. If you wish to have your graduated character come back as a teacher, there will be an application to fill out. You may only fill this application out if you have a minimum of ONE character graduated.

    9. Like any real situation, you must apply for jobs. A job listing will be posted with an application.

    10. You may not apply for Headmaster/Headmistress, Ministry of Magic, or any other authority type jobs.

    11. Your character must be in the year they are in for full-term. Each term lasts 3 months real time. First month: Fall/beginning of term. Second month: Winter/middle of term. Third month: Spring/end of term.

    12. Classes will be posted by teachers (a.k.a. Mods or Admins.) where there will be a check in. You may bring any of your characters to said class but if you check in, you must complete the class fully. Also, you are not allowed to bring new characters into the class after the check in is completed. You will have TWENTY-FOUR hours to check into a class and then the check in will be closed.

    13. House Points will be recorded.

    Chat Rules

    1. There will be no talk of real world politics or religion.

    2. Respect everyone, especially the Admins and Mods.

    3. Do not spam the chat. (e.g. logging in and out multiple times for no reason.)


    First Offence: ONE warning.
    Second Offence: Banishment from chat for an amount of time that suits the offense, which is up to the Admin or Mod.
    Third Offence: Banishment from site for an amount of time that suits the offense, which is up to the Admin or Mod.
    Fourth Offence: Permanent banishment from site.

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