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    Canon or Original Character: Canon
    Marauders or Harry Potter Era: Harry Potter

    Name: Harry Potter
    Nicknames: The Boy Who Lived, Potter, and other nicknames.
    Age: 11
    Date of Birth: 31st July 1980
    Gender: Male
    Looks: Harry Potter Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSi9_OYRy714rh017amNG2bwTEAM-kZmFlSWD2GqmihoeTo7vLy
    Face Claim: Daniel Radcliffe
    Family: His parents, James Potter (pureblood) and Lily Potter (muggle-born). His uncle, Vernon Dursley (muggle) his aunt, Petunia Dursley (muggle) and cousin, Dudley Dursley (muggle).
    Blood Status: Half-blood
    Personality: Harry is strongly guided by his own conscience, and has a keen feeling of what is right and wrong. Having very limited access to truly caring adults, Harry is forced to make his own decisions from an early age on.  He does make mistakes, but in the end, he does what his conscience tells him to do. He is brave and selfless.
    Sexuality: Probably heterosexual
    • His bravery
    • His acceptance of the inevitability of death.
    • Parseltongue.
    • His humility.
    • His anger.
    • His impulsivity.
    • Self-effacing
    • A bit self-righteous.
    Backstory: Harry James Potter was the only child and son of James and Lily Potter, who were both members of the Order of the Phoenix. When Harry was a year and three months old, his parents were murdered and Harry was taken to his mother's sister's house to be taken care of. Harry's time with the Dursleys was harsh and he lived in a cupboard underneath the stairs. His aunt and uncle, refusing to let anything about the Wizarding World into their home, told Harry his parents had died in a car crash, and the lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead came from that when in reality, it came from Voldemort's attempt to kill him. He lived because his mother jumped in front of the death curse that Voldemort intended for Harry. On his eleventh birthday, Harry learned that he was a wizard and began attending Hogwarts that September.

    Marauders Era

    James Potter, 11 -  mahogany, 11 inches, reasonably supple, with a phoenix feather core.
    Remus Lupin, 11 - cypress, 10 1/4 inches. slightly yielding, with a unicorn hair core.
    Luke Skywalker, 11 - willow, 12 1/4 inches, brittle, with a unicorn hair core.
    Han Solo, 11 - mahogany, 13 1/4 inches, supple, with a unicorn hair core.

    Harry Potter Era

    Lucy Pevensie, 11 - vine, 10 1/4 inches, quite bendy, with a dragon heartstring core.
    Caspian X Decimus, 15 - oak, 13 1/2 inches, quite bendy, with a unicorn hair core.
    Susan Pevensie, 13 - vine, 10 3/4 inches, rigid, with a unicorn hair core.
    Edmund Pevensie, 12 - blackthorn, reasonably supple, with a phoenix feather core.

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